Some MAN purses

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Don't be embarrassed, gentleman. It's uncomfortable to carry keys, a wallet and a smartphone in your pants. It's too much. You want an alternative, perhaps even a man purse. Here are a few options. 

Amazon case

You can't go wrong with this. It's hardly a purse at all. It's not a purse, it's an action figure, I mean a case. Only $10 on Amazon. 

Engineer Field Bag

This one isn't a purse either, damnit. It's a bag. An engineers bag, and how traditionally male is that, amirite? And it ships from an Amazon seller called Army Universe. Manly. Very manly. Around $35. 

Rothco Excursion Bag

To me, this just straight up looks like a purse, and yet... it's olive drab with webbing for a strap, it's got D-rings, a buckle. And look at the way they don't even try to match the green zipper. The man who carries this has more important things on his mind than whether the Army Green zipper matches the Olive Drab canvas. I take it back: this is not a purse. It's a manly organizer bag and, to quote the seller, "whether you're on an African safari, top-secret reconnaissance mission, or a road trip, this organizer truly comes in handy." 

About $15 on Amazon. 

Canvas Cross Body Chest Pack

So, it's not a BACK pack, it's a CHEST pack, although as you can see from the picture, you can wear it on your back. Whether back or chest, the irony is this is the HIPster-est of the choices, but guys seem to like it. Lots of Amazon reviews written by people with male first names, many praising the ruggedness of the design. Methinks they protest too much, but you probably won't be openly mocked if you carry this. No guarantees. 

About $38 on Amazon.

Rothco Travel Bag

Okay, you know what? It's a man purse. I can't talk my way around it this time. It's a man purse and I admit it, but it doesn't look bad. Why can't a man carry a bag, anyway? "Purse" used to be a gender neutral term. What's so unmanly about carrying a purse? 


Let's call it a bag.  

So here's your man bag, for secure men only. It's got high ratings, but some people complain that it's flimsy while others say it's sturdy. If you get one, check it carefully to make sure you got a good (i.e. sturdy) one and be ready to exchange if not. About $12 on Amazon. 

The Crosspaq Black Forget Your Pockets on the Go! CrossBody Bag

Or, as I call it, "The Hipster Bandolier," which is honestly a better name despite the double sarcasm. Some people rave about this thing, some people say it's flimsy and doesn't have a pocket big enough for their iPhone with their fancy Otterbox thick case. Unknown whether it will fit a honkin big Galaxy, so be prepared to check it carefully for quality and usefulness and return if needed. 

But before you place your order, take a close look at the picture. Maybe carrying a man bag isn't so bad after all. I mean, the goal isn't so much to avoid looking like a girl, right? No one is going to think you're a girl. The idea us to avoid looking like an idiot. Whether the "Forget Your Pockets on the Go! CrossBody Bag" helps or hinders that goal is a question only you can decide. But here's something to consider. 

But, hey, if you want to pay $49 to look like Miss America, here's a link. She is a bit of a badass, btw, most recently in the news for shooting out the tires of four guys trying to steal equipment on her farm.

$49 on Amazon. Wow. $49? WTF. 


So there you have it, a broad selection of manly man bags to carry your manly keys, phone and wallet. Any of these should be fine. You're a man, you've got stuff to carry, you don't worry overmuch about looking manly because you're a manly man and you just know it. 

You can't go to wrong with any of the previous choices, but if you really can't stand a man purse you probably could go wrong with this....

...which, for the record, is about $50 on Amazon. 

Never lose your precious pet

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A lost pet can lead to years of sadness and uncertainty. This little gadget can prevent that heartache.
What it is
The Loc8tor (about $100 on Amazon) is a rangefinder and radio beacon for your pet. 
How it works
The pet wears a lightweight (5 grams) radio beacon tag on his collar. When you want to find him, you activate the rangefinder, which is about the size of a credit card. Lights and sound direct you to the tag. The tag also emits a faint beep and flashes a mild red light, which can be helpful in finding the pet. The unit has a range of about 400 feet (line of sight) outside. The signal goes through walls to the extent that you can use it in a house.
Whom it's good for
Anyone who has a valued pet. It can be a lifesaver if your pet gets lost, and it is a convenience when the little rascal is hiding. Some cat owners say that when their cats hear their tags beeping, they'll recognize that they are wanted and report in. 
Inveterate key losers will also find this system useful. Just don't lose the rangefinder.
More info
  • Two tags come with the unit; additional tags can be purchased.
  • Each unit can track up to four individual tags.
  • The tags are lightweight at 5 grams. This is the only device of its kind that is light enough for cats.
  • A bit of effort is needed to use it. The rangefinder basically tells you "you're getting hotter" or "you're getting colder." So you'll need the skill and patience of a young child to be successful.
  • Costs around $100.
Helpful hints
  • Use the silicone protectors on the tags. They protect them from water and fang marks.
  • Test the batteries on the rangefinder and on the tags every three months or so. Follow the directions on page 10 of the manual.
  • Batteries from Loc8tor seem to last much longer than bargain batteries  from eBay.
  • To open a tag, insert your thumbnail into the slit near the hole for the lanyard. Keeping your thumbnail in the slit, slide you thumbnail down the length of the tag until it pops apart.

It's not a 3-D printer, it's a 3-D pen

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OMG, a pen that lets you draw in the air and create 3-D objects.

If you sign up now for $75 you can get it in January 2014. Assuming all goes well. Click here to go to the kickstarter page.

Coolest gadget ever

The Eiffel Tower… or an ostrich
Happy 3-D pen people
Drawing using stencils for more precision

Cool Free iPhone App: Cat Effects

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There is almost no photograph or painting that cannot be improved by the addition of cats. This free iPhone app lets you do it.

Sticker hack: stickers make it easier to plug your plugs in the correct direction

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Are you tired of trying to plug your cables in the wrong direction?  I was plugging them in the wrong way about, oh, 50% of the time. Yes, there is a tiny symbol to show you which way is up on the plug, but it is hard to see.

So I put a little sticker over it and now everything is easy.

This symbol can be hard to see

Now you can't miss it

And you can plug it in with no problem

This is and iPad with a sticker over the home button

Filabot Personal Filament Maker for 3D Printers - Desktop Extruding System – Environmentally Friendly

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The Romahome R10

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